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Our products

Here's what sets us apart

  1. Alca 5®

    Alca 5 cast plate and its hi precision and dimensional stability make it the best product for tooling making and precision instrumentation. It is a strong contender to the Mic-6 market

  2. max 5®

    Max 5 is a cast aluminum block where its machinability and  dimension stability allow for great mold making and vacuum mold applications.

  3. alcamax®

    Alcamax is the oldest of mold application alloys and is mainly used for large mold applications yet, MAX 5 is just a applicable in the same situations.

  4. BusPlate®

    BusPlate is mainly used for electrical applications that require high electrical conductivity such as power stations. Busbar, conductors and connecting plates a just some of the typical applications in power stations

Why choose us

here’s what make the quality of our product

  1. Customer Service

    We stand behind our products! With our team of engineers, technicians and sales staff  are there to support all of your requests or needs. We are there to help you solve  your projects!


    Is our strongest suit.  We strive to deliver in 5 to 7 days or less. We are the leaders in the industry for delivering high quality products in the shortest time in the industry. 

  3. Capabilities

    Super Sizes, Pre-shaping and Cut size unique to PCP Aluminium, WE offer the largest capabilities in the industry.

  4. Zero Defects

    100% zero defect guarantee. We ultrasonic scan (US Scanner) our products with our proprietary overlapping scanner.  

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