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Our products

Here's what sets us apart

  1. Alca 5®

    Alca 5® cast plate and its hi precision and dimensional stability make it the best product for tooling making and precision instrumentation. It is a strong contender to the mic-6 on the cast aluminum tooling plate market.

  2. Max 5®

    Max 5® is a cast aluminum block where its machinability and  dimension stability allow for great mold making and vacuum mold applications.

  3. Alcamax®

    Alcamax® is the oldest of mold application alloys and is mainly used for large mold applications yet, MAX 5 is just a applicable in the same situations.

  4. BusPlate®

    BusPlate® is mainly used for electrical applications that require high electrical conductivity such as power stations. Busbar, conductors and connecting plates a just some of the typical applications in power stations

Why choose us

here’s what make the quality of our product

  1. Customer Service

    We stand behind our products! With our team of engineers, technicians and sales staff  are there to support all of your requests or needs. We are there to help you solve  your projects!


    Is our strongest suit.  We strive to deliver in 5 to 7 days or less. We are the leaders in the industry for delivering high quality products in the shortest time in the industry. 

  3. Capabilities

    Super Sizes, Pre-shaping and Cut size unique to PCP Aluminium, WE offer the largest capabilities in the industry.

  4. Zero Defects

    100% zero defect guarantee. We ultrasonic scan (US Scanner) our products with our proprietary overlapping scanner.  

Our distributors
Your Premier Precision Aluminum Plate, Block and BusBar Supplier

As leader among aluminum plate suppliers, PCP Aluminium has expertise in the manufacturing of high quality cast aluminum plate products and cast blocks. We serve a wide range of customers in various industries, including automotive, marine and plastics. A major advantage we provide is the stability and dimensional accuracy of our products. We emphasize quality in all of our products, minimizing the need for extra machining. We also specialize in deroughing of blocks and shapes, which offers a cost savings to the customer by having less chips and machining time.

Aluminum Plate Supplier Key Production Capabilities

AA5083 - cast blocks for mold applications

AA5083 - cast tool and jig plate

AA5083 - precision aluminum blocks

AA1370 - bus bar and bus plate

State-of-the-Art Cast Aluminum Plate Supplier

PCP Aluminium is your premier choice when you need flatness, dimensional stability and machineability with your aluminum plates, tooling plates and aluminum bus plate products. Our state-of-the art equipment, proven methods, and premier customer service all contribute to delivering high quality results to our customers.

Some of the Key Benefits We Deliver Include:

  • High inventory
  • Large capacities
  • Sell through distributors
  • Largest cut-to-size capabilities
  • Fast 5-day lead time (the fastest in North America)
  • Biggest mill heads in North America (top 3 in the world)
  • Save money and time with less material to process (less loss due to chips)
  • Wider cast aluminum block sizes than the competition (126 inch max. wide)
  • Largest sawing capacity (in dimensional sizes)

Our Products

As a premier mill among aluminum plate and precision aluminum blocks, we offer a solid product line of cast plate products. These include: Max 5 cast aluminum block, Alca 5 cast plate, and BusPlate.


Our entire fabrication process is designed to produce the highest quality aluminum products available. This includes high-tech ultrasonic scan for inconsistencies and imperfections. Our QA process ensures that material properties such as tensile strength, roughness, yield strength, flatness and Brinell hardness are to spec and recorded.

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