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Shipping and handling

Just-in-time shipping is our business

Our goal is to meet your highest expectations, and we are doing so by offering short delivery times. We can provide handling instructions for oversize products and special packaging upon request. Having to deal with a tightly scheduled project? Ask for our special shipping services.





  • Unload one skid at a time.
  • Support each skid evenly and level.
  • Do NOT exceed the capacity of the forklift/crane.



  • Moving one skid at a time is recommended.
  • If more than one skid is to be moved at one time, make sure to stack of the skids is even and on the same plane.
  • Do NOT exceed the capacity of the forklift/crane. LOADING TRUCKS
  • Load one skid at a time.
  • Stack skids evenly and on the same plane.
  • Only use fabric straps to fasten the load.
  • Do not use chains.



  • Store the plates flat on the pallet provided.
  • Pallet must be fully supported across the bottom.
  • Store pallet on a flat surface.
  • DO NOT store any plates on their side.
  • Store plate inside in moisture-free environment.



  • To prevent scratches and maintain the plate’s integrity, use a vacuum lifter when handling the plate.