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Bus Plate® Thermal & Electrical Conductivity Plate AA1370-50

Description of Bus Plate®

Fabricated from prime aluminum cast ingots

Excellent Dimensional Stability

Excelent Weldability

Electrical Conductivity 61.5% IACS

Sawed plate and block technology (Derived from PCP Aluminium ALCA5® and MAX5®)

Very High Thermal and Electrical Conductivity

Application of Bus Plate®

Best Aluminum for Electrical Applications

AA1370-50 alloys > 99.7% prime metal / Minimizes energy loss

Benefits of Bus Plate®
Excellent Electrical Conductivity

Excellente flatness

Excellent weldability

Inherent stability

  Thickness (Max.) Widths (Max.) Lengths (Max.)

Sizes available*

0.25" to 4.00" Up to 76.5" Up to 354"
Sizes available*
Up to 29.25" Up to 76.5" Up to 354"

*Depending on quantity requested and available metal

AA1370 is the best aluminium you can get for electrical applications

Made of prime metal without any recycled alloying material.

AA1370 is a subset of AA1350 aluminum.

99.7% pure aluminum thus increasing conductivity.

PCP Aluminium AA1370-50 is annealed (0) since it becomes less prone to deformation with a stress relief heat treatment.

Product information PDFs

Bus Plate® product information (metric) Click to download
Bus Plate® product information (imperial) Click to download